A Match Made in Heaven (or a design factory)

Gap will be customizing the iconic "Champion" sneaker
In the world of music there is nothing better than two great artists combining their talents in a song collaboration so one would deduct that the same goes with fashion. The pairing of designers and design companies meshes two artistic minds and brings fashion to the table in a whole new light.

Keds has taken their worldwide fame and reached out to dress up their kicks with two different design houses. This month an "American Branded" pairing between Keds and Gap features special editions of the classic "Champion" style sneaker and an updated vintage style "Anchor" for men.
Prices range from $40-$50 a pair.

Alica + Olivia for Keds

Designer Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia has also teamed up with Keds to create a limited edition collection of its classic "Champion" style. She decided to add some glitz and glamour to the old school kicks that she grew up with. The sneakers will retail for $88 and will be sold at Neiman Marcus and Alice + Olivia. 

AND! If those two options don't catch your eye...you can pair up with Keds to create your own style and then sell them on Zazzle.com. To set up your own Keds shop, use the site to design some different styles then email Keds with your designs. If yours are plucked from the talent pool you will make a 6% profit on all sales of your sneakers! Get your creative juices flowing and give it a shot!