Gaga for Jellies

Jellies of the 80's 

So way back when (in the 80's) every girl across the country was obsessed with Jellies AKA the plastic craze before Crocs took over. I had them in just about every color,every style, glitter infused and all. I wore them to the beach, to birthday parties, to camp and school. My Jellies and I were inseparable!  

Fast forward to the 90's where Jellies were completely wiped out of my wardrobe and thrown to curb sides across America (tear). They popped back into the fashion scene briefly in the late 90's and again in 2003 but not until now have they regained their status in the world of Fashion via updated styles of the classic Jelly.

 Jellies of today 

I am so excited to reintroduce the Jelly into my closet just deciding which pair will be the lucky ones :)