Eye Catchers

Olivia wearing one of her signature cocktail rings!

If there is one thing that we learned about Olivia Palermo from MTV's The City it's that she can pick damn good jewelry! Throughout the season she has flashed the hottest cocktail rings from low end Topshop all the way to Cartier. And that is just what I love about fashion, the ability to mix it up as long as it looks good!
Not everyone has an eye for fabulous finds, some go way over the top and some fly under the radar and opt for simple looks. I on the other hand have been searching online at many different sites including 10 carat diamond ring for some perfect cocktail rings to spruce up some of my summer outfits.

                       Some classy sparklers:
A bit pricey but stunning, if you are going to buy one peice this summer splurge on this fabulous ring $995

                  7 Carot Smoky Quartz Ring
Less pricey and just as beautiful at only $115.50 consider this a steal!

                              Some bold and funky:

$179.99, seen on Olivia Palermo!

Only $50.00!! Also seen on Olivia Palermo

Some Coral and Turquoise for that perfect summer flair!