Shine On

While I heard mixed reviews about the Sex and The City movie I knew that even if I did not like it I would love the fashion...Well, disappointingly not so much but, there was one fabulous pair of sunglasses that caught my eye. 
"Franz" By Mykita and Bernard available at

These Mykita and Benhard limited edition sunglasses were worn in gold by SJP in the opening scenes of the movie. As viewers luck would have it they cost $525 dollars for the shades... I guess the price of beauty will really cost you in this case but check out some aviators below and keep the extra cash in your account!

1.Gold Aviators $5.88 available at Forever21
2.Gold Blake Aviators $11 available at Fred Flare
3.Marc by Marc Jacobs Button Aviators $98 available at Bloomingdales
4.Carerra Eyewear 'Back 80's' Vintage Inspired Aviator Sunglasses $140 available at Nordstrom
5.Tori Burch Metal Aviator Sunglasses $165 available at Nordstrom
6.Jimmy Choo Terry Aviator Sunglasses $265 available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Let the sun shine!  Happy shopping :)