Holey Creme

As if there weren't enough fatty options for dessert, New York went ahead and added another choice to the menu palette. The first buzz I heard about Holey Creme was while watching Toni On! New York. She headed in to this small doughnut shop on 9th avenue only to have her plain doughnut dipped, topped, cut and sandwiched.

Can't imagine what I am talking about? A Plain doughnut is dipped into your choice of chocolate, caramel or white icing and then topped with your choice topping. The options are endless; sprinkles, M&M's, peanut butter chips, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Gummi Bears, Fruit Loops...to name a few! Drizzle the top and then get it sliced for a doughnut-ice cream sandwich. A little slice of heaven in exchange for a few eXtra calories!

As for the scoop on the ice cream, the owners of the ice cream shop Sedutto on the Upper East Side opened this ice cream-doughnut shop. The ice cream section features Sedutto's rotating roster of 34 ice cream flavors and eight types of fro-yo.

Looking for more? Down your doughnut with a cup of illy coffee and enjoy!

My Creation: Chocolate Dipped with Peanut Butter Chips..all I have to say is, Holey Cream!

Holey Cream is located in Hell's Kitchen at 53rd and 9th Avenue open from 6am until midnight and 2am on the weekends, in case you have the doughnut munchies!