The Height of Fashion

Platforms on top of platforms, spiked heels...How high are you willing to go?
Being that I am 5'10 I have to choose my heels wisely, basically anything over 3" gets the auf but some days I push the height a bit...for the sake of fashion! A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!
And, this season height matters! Check out these worthy shoes in this seasons hottest colors: nude and blush.

Perforated Platform Sandal: Prada $479 available at Barneys
'Tribute' Sandal: Yves Saint Laurent$760 availabe at Nordstrom

Martinez Valero $136.04 available at Zappos

Nanciee Sandal $99 available at Steve Madden

Life is a balancing act, get our your stilettos and start walking!