Weekends and Cocktail Rings!

As the weather gets nicer more New Yorkers take fashion chances displaying cute frocks on the City runway...the streets. This weekend was the perfect weather as I strolled in the park along with all the pretty flowy dresses that came out of the closet!

  Dress: http://www.jcrew.com         
 Necklace: email esbefashion@gmail.com for details 
 Wire Wrapped Antique Ring
   email: blushingdoves@gmail.com 

Love the ring? Check out more from Blushing Doves!

Since owning my own company with my sister, I have recently become more aware of independent fashion labels and companies.
 I am always psyched when I happen upon a great find in NYC and I love to share my finds (even though I want all these rings for myself)!

Blushing Doves is a small Jewelry company started by Michaela Biltekoff and Shara Miller. Both teachers in NYC with some free time and a lot of talent on their hands, their collection of wire wrapped antique button cocktail rings is to die for! They range in price from $25 to $40 and at that price how can you pass them by! 

Below are some of my favorites!