Village Gem

Oh the wonders you can find on East 11th street in the heart of the Village...especially while wandering on a beautiful day!
Check out my FabFinds of the day:

Tu Lu's Bakery
338 East 11th
Gluten Free baked goods that had me pleasantly surprised. Tu Lu's (formerly known as Tully's) opened it's doors just about a month ago consisting of an entire Gluten Free stock. Baked fresh in the back of the store this is one bakery you have got to try! I sampled the chocolate/peanut butter mini cupcake which I must say might be the best cupcake in the city. Watch out Crumbs, Gluten Free is taking over the city!

Buffalo Exchange
332 East 11th
Not your usual vintage store this one operates under the phrase "buy sell trade". Intrigued how it works? Bring in your old clothing and accessories and you can swap for something new (think barter system). If you don't see something you like, no sweat, you can get cash for your unwanted goods.
Sweet finds: a Prada jacket for $30, Ali Roi dresses for $25-40

Pas de Deux
328 East 11th
In Ballet a Pas de Deux (French, step/dance for two) is a duet in which ballet dancers perform the dance together. In fashion Pas de Deux is the dance of Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi, the trendsetting duo behind menswear store Odin and the perennial pop-up Den. Together they opened this adjacent women’s boutique in fall 2008.
This upscale boutique is modeled after a Parisian Boutique complete with a checkerboard floor, gently weathered gray-blue walls, antique-inspired furniture, and chandeliers overhead. Stunning Philip Lim and Vena Cava dresses drape the racks as you walk in. Head towards the back Loeffler Randall heels stand on shelves and Comme des Garçons fragrances grace the boutique.