New York Au Lait

Oh New York how I love you but sometimes I need a break...

Here are some of my favorite places around the city that are relaxing enough to gather my thoughts!

1. Columbus Circle
One of my favorite things to do is to grab an iced coffee a good book (right now it's The Girl who Played with Fire) and sit in the middle of Columbus Circle. The water flow around the circle makes for a peaceful afternoon while you get to sit back, relax and take it all in!

2. Riverside Park
By far a favorite of mine (beats the tourist filled Central Park). Beautifully paved walk way along the river with pieces of NYC history (Railroad trains, Old shipping docks). Walk a bit uptown and stop by the Boat Basin, best to visit during a weekday, sit along the water grab a beer and watch the sunset!

3. Epistrophy Cafe
          200 Mott St
(between Kenmare St & Spring St)

Relax while you sip your coffee in this quaint Cafe reminiscent of a European Cafe. 
Brought to New York via Luca Fadda and Giorgia Zeddaan Italian couple who sought out to create a Cafe with the feeling of a ' little living room'. 
They hit it on the mark! The fabulous ambiance surrounded by an exposed brick wall, small tables and bistro style chairs makes this living room one of the most welcoming in New York. 
**Find me here at this great little Cafe when I need an escape from Starbucks, you can usually find me blogging while sipping an Americano! **