How Short Can You Go?

Either shorts are getting shorter or NYC women's legs are getting longer...Believe what you will but the long of the short of it is; hot shorts are in and hemlines are on the rise. But, how short is too short?
Here are some tips to keeping them length appropriate:

1. Decide how much you want to show.            
   Know your body type and go a size up.                   
Too tight shorts are never flattering
 no matter how thin or fit you are.
Rachel Bilson at Coachella. 

2. Compliment your shorts with a flattering top. 
     Opt for a loose top to balance the look. 
Jessica Simpson in William Rast 

 3. Pair with daytime flats for a clean fresh look or dress them up with heels.
  Beyonce clad in Chanel and a fab pair of Louboutins.

4. Rock your style with confidence. 
A great outfit is only backed up when you feel great in it.
Kristin Cavallari at the annual A Time for Heroes Carnival in L.A.

Grab her look: 
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Linen Navy Shorts: Victoria's Secret on sale $19.99
and check out this steal: Gladiator Sandals by Cynthia Vincent: