Crop It

To crop or not to crop?
That seems to be the question on everyone's mind lately. The crop top has made a trendy splash back into the fashion world but, if you are not careful it is bound to go horribly wrong!

Let's get a few things straight...

Crop tops and baby doll tees are two totally different trends! Baby doll tees were a thing of the 90's and hopefully laid to rest! Crop tops should be baggy!!

If you are brave enough to bare some skin, make sure you have the body for it!

For those who aren't brave enough to bare it (myself included) you still have some options!! I am a fan of the layered look, throw a cropped top over a tank and you can guarantee you won't be looking back on this trend and cringing!

My choice??
"Chop Cami" by SENECA RISING $61.00 (on sale)